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1. Thin-gauge metal cutting

«Arkada-MB» Ltd projects and makes the equipment for coil stock cutting (automatic lines of length and transverse cutting):

  • Thin-sheet cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel rolled metal;
  • Thin-sheet steel hot-galvanized and electric galvanized roller metal;
  • Thin-sheet steel rolled metal with other metal coverings;
  • Thin-sheet steel rolled metal with polymeric coverings; steel hot-galvanized и electric galvanized roller metal with polymeric coverings;
  • Thin-sheet rolled metal of the high rigidity steel;
  • Thin-sheet cold-rolled metal from corrosion-resistant steel;
  • Thin-sheet cold-rolled electric steel rolled metal;
  • Cold-rolled black sheet iron and tin plates (hot and electrolytic tinning); electrolytic Zn galvanized tin;
  • Rolled metal from nonferrous metals and alloys;
  • Cold-rolled tape of the carbon qualitative structural steel and the tool and spring steel;
  • Cold-rolled heat-treated steel tape for spring details.


2. Manufacture of profile production and die stampings

2.1 The mastered technologies with use of the equipment and equipments of own working out for manufacturing of products:

  • Reinforcing profiles for window systems;
  • Thermoprofiles (profiles with notchings); profiles without notchings; runs, crates and corners for frame building of buildings on the basis of lightweight steel constructions;
  • Waffle-type thermoprofiles, providing economy of metal in comparison with waffle-type thermoprofiles;
  • Building profiles (rack-mount, directing, ceiling, corner protecting, beacon) for system of internal furnish of premises;
  • Profiles of a false ceiling «Armstrong»-type;
  • Profiles-shaft for roll shutters;
  • Socle profiles;
  • Profiles-beams; profiles-racks; profiles-regiments of different function;
  • Profiles for rack equipment;
  • Door profiles;
  • Profiles for the system of a different function facade;
  • Furniture profiles;
  • Profiles for the system of building protections;
  • Profiles for atomic engineering;
  • Profiles of the system of a drain (a pipe, a trench, a ridge);
  • Twisted pipes for an air line; profiles for airlock systems;
  • Floorings with trapezoid crimps for building 8÷153 mm and more;
  • Road metal protections of a barrier type;
  • Sidings of different function;
  • Front panels;
  • Roofing facings;
  • Metal tile of any design;
  • Profiles of granaries roofs.


2.2 The mastered perspective technologies with the use of the equipment of own working out for manufacture of die stampings of different function:

  • Products of fastening and installation for the building system of a «dry lining», e.g. connectors of single-level and two-level profiles; extension pieces of profiles; direct and spring brackets of profiles; drafts and springs of brackets
  • Products of fastening and installation for facade system: capping plates of galvanized and corrosion-resistant steel; wall fastenings, including strengthened;
  • Rotary anchors and anchor plates for window systems;
  • Special corners for building;
  • Collars for connection of trenches and arms for pipe fastening; accessories (corners, a funnel, an elbow) of drain systems;
  • Floor and metal tile;
  • Punched tape of different function.

The special technologies developed by own design and production engineering service allow to start manufacturing of the basic units of the equipment right after the beginning of design engineering. Design engineering is an initial and defining element in the process of manufacturing.

Experts of the company «Arkada» have created the unique «calculation program of a profile-bending tool», when we use it the process of reception of the complete set of the design documentation occupies 1-5 days.

The developed system of design engineering on basis of units unification allows to offer more than 200 different variants of configurations of automatic lines and complexes.

The possibility range of the equipment made by the company constantly extends, cutting lines are capable to cut metal with the thickness from 0,3 to 4 mm, new standard sizes of forming lines allow to make products with the reamer to 1250 mm.

On the technological and resource indicators the equipment of the mark's label «Arkada-MB» doesn't concede to foreign analogs, being at the same time more accessible at the price and adjustable.

The engineering service of the enterprise designs an equipment lineup (more than 200 versions), allowing to make almost any types of cold-rolled profiles, from the galvanized steel, and from other thin-gauge metals including paint-and-lacquer covering. Such a variety of the product ranges offered by the company is doubtless competitive advantage.

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