Commercial Racks and Equipment

1. Equipment kinds for manufacture of shelves of commercial racks

Automatic line of cold roll forming LA 58, LA 78
ЛА 58ЛА 78Processed material: cold-rolled galvanized steel
Thickness of a tape: 0,5...1,0 mm
Width of a tape: 150...750 mm
Production capacity: 150 details/hour (at L=1,2 m)
Parting cut with a line stop.
Line variant:
  • for different kinds of a profile with replaceable equipment (ЛА 78);
  • for one kind of a profile with different standard sizes (a sliding line) (ЛА 58).
Production: shelves of commercial racks

2. Equipment kinds for manufacture of bearing rods of commercial racks

Forming complex KSH 07
Processed material: cold-rolled steel with galvanized coating and without it
Thickness of a tape: 0,5...2,0 mm
Width of a tape: 70...400 mm
Work at uncontrolled and single strokes of a press
Production: a punched tape (for punched bearing rods of commercial racks) for forming lines
Automatic line of cold roll forming LA 157
Processed material: a cold-rolled steel tape with galvanized coating or without it (punched or without punching).
Thickness of a tape: 1,0...2,0 mm
Width of a tape: 50...400 mm
Production capacity 3metres long details:
  • punched bearing rods: 250 piece/hour;
  • beams: 300 piece/hour.
Parting cut with a line stop.
Production: punched bearing rods of commercial racks

On the basis of the technical project of the Customer, we can make lines for manufacture of wardrobes, lines for manufacture of panels and corners for cooling chambers.

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