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Automatic lines of cold roll forming are developed by the design office of «Arkada-MB» Ltd. Depending on characteristics of processed metal and the requirements to the production our company projects and makes the equipment approaching for each customer. This equipment allows to make various kinds of profiles:

  • Building and reinforcing profiles
  • Thermoprofiles
  • Professional flooring and metal tile
  • Siding and panels
  • Racks and regiments for trading and warehouse racks
  • Case products and etc.

We can make production according to the sketch of the customer. Modular configuration of lines gives the chance to build in drives of the modular type in addition, which application provides necessary capacity for manufacturing of a profile of a difficult configuration, and it allows to raise a thickness of used component parts. For transition from manufacture of one type of a bent profile it is enough to replace the replaceable tool representing section for profiling from 4 or 5 cages with another, mounted on the general basis. It reduces the time of the line readjustment, so it allows to increase the volume of the production.

We bring to your attention the information about cold forming lines:

The automatic line for professional flooring and metal tile manufacture

The line developed by our design office, allows to let out any kind of forming flooring in industrial scales (by State Standard: from С8 to Н157), any metal tile (Monterrey type, Super Monterrey, Cascade, Joker, Classic, etc.), and various kinds of profile production by the sketches of the customer. Change of a kind of the production occurs by means of replaceable tool adjustments. One of the advantages of the line is possibility of supplying the missing parts of the additional tool with a view of transition to a new kind of production. Forming speed reaches 1200 running meters/hour, depending on the metal and the length of a metal sheet.

The line works in an automatic mode, after loading of a metal roll the operator sets quantity and length of sheets on a control panel. After that processes of unwinding of a roll, rolling, cutting and packing are carried out automatically. High quality of ready-made articles is provided with application of component parts from leading world manufacturers. All lines are made with a glance of wishes of the customer which define productivity, a complete set and kinds of the production. For the buyers who are not interested in acquisition of replaceable tool adjustments, «Arkada-MB» offers an economic, inflexible variant of a line.

Distinctive qualities:

  • High investment appeal
  • Conformity the price/quality
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Possibility of manufacture of a wide production assortment
  • Manufacturability of all the processes
  • High production capacity
  • Uniqueness of many design equipment kinds which do not have analogs in the world
  • Conformity with the certification СЕ

The basic specifications of a universal line for a forming metal sheet manufacture:

Billet material Coiled steel with galvanized and polymeric coating
Width of rolled metal, mm to 1400
Thickness of rolled metal, mm to 1,2
Roll weight, ton to 10
Mode of a tape lace-up Semiautomatic
Sheet length min/max, mm 1500..12000
Line production capacity (at L metal sheet=12 m), running m/min to 24
Height of a sheet package max, mm 400
Rated capacity, kilowatt to 120
Nature of current, input to a line three-phase alternative
frequency of current, Hz 50
Power line rated voltage, Volt 380/220
Shift-working arrangement of line work 2
Quantity of serving workers in a shift 3 (1 setup man и 2 operators)
Operating efficiency 0,85
Line dimensions, mm:
length to 42000
width 7000
height 3000

Line weight (without tool setup), kg
to 35000


Automatic line for manufacture of a building profile

An automatic line developed and made by the company «Arkada-MB», represents the qualitative high-efficiency equipment in the field of the profile-bending equipment. Combining the comprehensible price, reliability and convenience in operation, this line allows to carry out release of all kinds of a building profile in industrial scales. Replaceable complete sets of the tool allow to make various profiles for painting and decorating such as rack-mount, guiding, ceiling profiles (the given kind of profile production is used for erection of gipsum plaster-board partitions and at internal decoration work), or thermoprofiles (a line of the raised capacity) guiding and rack-mount for construction of bearing constructions of buildings on the basis of Light weight steel framing. Thermoprofiles are a new product for Russia in the building market and they are a unique warm keeping material for building of low buildings (to 3 storey houses). Also thermoprofiles can be applied to formation of protecting designs (wall panels in frame-monolithic building) and as a structure of penthouses and superstructures for existing buildings.

Application of building profiles:

  • Counter ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Wall covering
  • Structures of buildings on the basis of lightweight steel constructions (thermoprofiles)
  • Other elements of constructions

Distinctive qualities:

  • High production capacity
  • Fast readjustment with the help of replaceable complete sets of the tool
  • Reliability of a design provided with application of component parts from the leading world manufacturers
  • Availability and efficiency of the service
  • High investment appeal

Technical characteristics of a standard line for manufacture of a building profile:

Line operating mode Automatic
Profile variable length, mm. 3000—6000
Production capacity of the line at the length of the profile. piece /hour to 1000
Line dimensions, as a guide, mm Length/width/height 21500/4500/2000
Weight without the complete set of the tool for forming, as a guide, ton 8,3
Rated Capacity, kilowatt to 30
Nature of current Alternative
Voltage, Volt 380/220 (frequency 50 Hz)
Staff, person 2

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