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Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines Transverse Cutting Lines
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Automatic lines of transverse cutting of rolled metal, made by the company «Arkada-MB», are effective and hi-tech kinds of equipment for cutting metal to sheets. This technology makes special demands to the equipment. «Arkada-MB» lines are perfect for those, who wants to have qualitative production at the modern equipment with the application of high-precision linear feeding machines. These lines are made with a wide range of thickness characteristics (from 0,25 to 6 mm.), when the width of the initial billet is from 600 to 2000 mm.

This equipment works with various metal such as cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, metals paint-and-lacquer and polymeric coating, aluminum, etc. The thickness of a processed material reaches 6 mm. Thus cutting speed, depending on a line complete set, can reach 60 m/minutes. Weight of the initial coiled material is also defined by requirements of the buyer. Load-lifting mechanisms, as well as unwinding mechanisms, work in a range from 5 to 28 t.

Management of lines is carried out by modern electronic systems of various updating which provide high precision of metal sheet cutting and metal flattening. Having studied your requirements, the experts of the company «Arkada-MB» will offer the optimum way which will allow to reach a demanded parity of the price, productivity and quality of the product.

Distinctive qualities:

  • Production quality
  • High speed and accuracy of cutting
  • Possibility of fast transition to another cutting ticket
  • Ample opportunities for rigging of a line with components from foreign manufacturers, e.g. the executive units, component parts and flattening machines
  • Modern electronic control
  • Automatic diagnostics of malfunctions
  • Conformity with certification of ISO:9000

Technical information:

Type equipment kind of the line for cutting of roller metal to sheets:

Bearbeitetes Material Coiled cold-rolled steel by State standard 19904, State Standard 14918 with galvanized and paint-and-lacquer coating
Tensile strength, MPa to 490
Thickness, mm 0,3..2,0
Width, mm 600..1250
Internal diameter of rolls, mm 500, 600
Outer diameter of rolls, mm 650..1500
Maximum weight of rolls, ton 10

Characteristics of products:

The minimum length of a metal sheet after transverse cutting, mm 400
The maximum length of a metal sheet after transverse cutting, mm 6000
The maximum height of a metal sheet pack, mm 500
The maximum weight of a metal sheet pack, ton 5


Line operating mode Automatic
Mode of loading of rolls Semiautomatic
Mode of a tape lace-up from a roll Semiautomatic
Diameter of the uncoiler, mm:
— with changeable tooling 600 (560..620)
— without tooling 500 (460..520)

Accuracy of transverse cutting
by State Standard 19904 (for the raised accuracy)
Quality of metal sheet flattening by State Standard 19904 (for high planeness)
Camber of metal sheets by State Standard 19904-90
Multiplicity of sheet transverse cutting, mm 5
Line speed:
— When the length of sheet is 6000 mm, running m/min to 50
— When the length of sheet is 4000 mm, running m/min to 40
— When the length of sheet is 3000 mm, running m/min to 35
— When the length of sheet is 2000 mm, running m/min to 25
— When the length of sheet is 1000 mm, running m/min to 15
— When the length of sheet is 400 mm, running m/min to 5
Line dimensions, as a guide, mm
— length 20000
— width 8500
— height 2500

Line weight, as a guide, ton
Rated capacity, as a guide, kilowatt 100
Nature of the current Alternative
Voltage, Volt 380/220

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