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The company «Arkada-MB» aspires to the maximum realization of requirements of our clients. The considerable part of our equipment can be improved for transition to new kinds of production, increase in outputs and etc. Possibility of modernization of the equipment in the shortest terms is especially actual in the conditions of a rigid competition and unpredictability of market conditions. Depending on wishes of the customer, we offer following elements of the equipment on processing of thin-gauge steel by pressure:

Component parts:

  • Profile-bending mills
  • Uncoilers
  • Take-ups
  • Fly cut

In a general view a profile-bending mill represents a wide-profile element with the help of which profiles of various types and appointment are formed of sheet steel.

Uncoilers and take-ups provide feeding and reception of a steel tape in the course of its processing.

With the help of a fly cut the exact cut of forming products is made.

A profile-bending mill, an uncoiler, a take-up and a fly cut by “Arkada-MB” are characterized by high quality, simplicity of operation and service, ease of replacement and modernization possibility.

Equipment for release of various kinds of production:

  • Tool setups (specified number of the profile-bending gear);
  • Die tooling for manufacture of punched details;
  • Circular cutters.

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