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Arkada-MB designs, manufactures and sells replaceable tooling, assemblies, components for cutting, profiling, stamping, perforating lines.

Arkada-MB strives to maximize the realization of our customers' needs. A significant part of our equipment can be improved for switching to new types of products, increasing output, etc. The possibility of equipment modernization in the shortest possible time is especially urgent in the conditions of severe competition and unpredictability of market conditions. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we offer the following elements for the processing of sheet metal by pressure:


  • Roll forming lines
  • Uncoilers
  • Winder
  • Flying saw units

In general, the roll forming line is a complex equipment with the help of which profiles of various types and purposes are formed from sheet steel.

Uncoilers and winders ensure the supply and reception of steel strip during the processing. With the installation of a flying saw unit, a precise cut of a products is made.

Forming line, uncoiling machine, winding machine and a flying saw unit produced by LLC "Arkada-MB" are characterized by high quality, easy operation and maintenance, easy replacement and upgradeability.

Equipment for the production of various products:

  • tool settings (sets of roll forming tools);
  • Stamps for the manufacture of stamped parts;
  • blade knives.

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