The Basic Lines of Activity

«Arkada-MB» develops and carries out complex decisions (engineering consulting) in the field of processing of thin-gauge steel by pressure.

We professionally provide creation, support and development of the business directions connected with manufacture of products from thin metal.

А) Creation:

What advantages does it give to our customers?


B) Support:

What advantages does it give to our customers?


C) Development:

What advantages does it give to our customers?

Five reasons to buy the equipment of «Arkada-MB»:

  1. We offer not just the equipment but the complex decision for your business, we develop and offer the most optimum price and functional decision proceeding from your final requirements and we provide all necessary processes (the analysis of requirements, project working out, commissioning, training, service, modernization etc).
  2. Our equipment is reliable (our lines and complexes work for many years at a total load and active operation without major repairs).
  3. Our equipment is convenient in operation, it is easily served, we give experts of the customer elementary education.
  4. Our prices are essentially lower than the prices of other leading world manufacturers and at the same time our production doesn't concede our prices on quality and functionality to the best world analogs, and in some parameters surpasses them.
  5. We provide high-grade support of the customers, efficient service, if it is necessary we solve any technological problems.


The saved up scientific, engineering, technological potential allows the company to render almost all types of service in the market of technologies on processing sheet metals from designing and manufacture of separate kinds of the equipment to statement of complete factories «on a turn-key basis» and organization of difficult productions.

The experts of the company constantly study and analyze modern lines and perspective directions in various industries where are used sheet metals. On the basis of an analysis the product ranges of the company is constantly updated and improves, the technological base extends and improves.

The basic groups of the production and the services which are key for the company:

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