Preliminary Application

1. Basic Information:
Your name*:
Company name:
Kind of Equipment:


2. Material:
3. Strength of the material:
4. Special requirements to the material are a surface condition, a delivery condition:
5. Thickness of a tape, mm.:
min.:    max.:
6. External diameter of a cut tape, max, mm.:
 1000    1300    1500    1800    another:
7. Internal diameter of a cut tape, mm.:
 500    600    another:
8. Width of an initial roll, mm.:
 320    600    1250    1600    another:
9. Weight of an initial roll (kg), no more:
 5000    10000    16000    25000    another:
10. Internal diameter of a winding cut tape, mm.:
 500    600    another:
11. Direction in a line of metal processing, including loading-unloading:
 left to right    right to left
12. The maximum cutting speed:
13. Maximum cut quantity:
   cutting thickness:
14. Planned volume of production:
roll/month:    ton/month:
15. Important equipment features in your point of view:
In addition:
Attach a file:
Figures in a picture:
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