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«Arkada-MB» brand was established in 1993 in Yartsevo, Smolensk region. Since then it has been dynamically developing and confidently taking the leading positions in the Russian and CIS markets.

Companys main focus - technological development and manufacturing of various thin metal sheet processing equipment.

Vast experience in this field has been accumulated during the companys activity. Powerful technological platforms were created. This factors are the basis for constant development, improvement and update of our product lines.

Distinctive features of the ARKADA in the international market are:
Versatility and wide range of products
Various integrated solutions tailored to suit individual customer needs
Unique and reliable engineering solutions
European level of product quality
Competitive price range
Prompt and affordable service

We are sure that our products and services are the most optimal in terms of price/quality ratio in current international market. Our products and services can effectively suffice the needs of any category of buyers.

Our engineering department has more than 50 highly experienced and well-trained specialists, making it one of the largest engineering departments in the field of thin metal sheet processing equipment design in the world. Our engineers have created more than 166 advanced technologies in the field of sheet metal processing and produced more than 400 modern equipment projects.

The company's specialists have implemented more than 20 significant inventions protected by patents, and created dozens of know-how that allow the company to remain highly competitive.

In 2003, our team of specialists was awarded the Russian Federation Science and Technology Award for creation and implementation of modern automated technological complexes for processing sheet metal.

The ARKADA brand has a well-deserved reputation in the Russian and international markets.

Companys developed and implemented equipment meets the highest modern standards and it is not inferior to foreign analogues in performance, reliability and operating costs. A number of developments of the company has no analogues in the world.

Products presented under the "ARKADA" brand are certified, manufactured according to the European operational safety standards and marked with the CE mark.

Our company has manufactured and implemented more than 400 automatic lines and automated complexes in more than 25 industry areas. This vast experience allows us to solve most complex engineering and technological tasks. We cooperate with more than 200 enterprises in Russia, CIS countries and foreign companies.

"ARKADA" has modernized more than 20 lines of foreign production.

Majority of Customers become our regular Customers and Partners. After a single purchase, most of the clients stay with us for many years after, continuing purchasing the company's products.

Our marketing strategy is based on offering the most effective, modern and optimal solutions to our customers. We ensure the provision of high quality comprehensive service for our business partners including: designing and manufacturing equipment, developing technological processes, engineering consulting, modernization of existing processes and equipment, certification of the Customer's products and development of technical conditions, constant service and technical support, implemented processes feasibility study and preparation of materials for patenting the Customer's products.

Particular attention our strategic plans is given to the development of service. This is one of the key areas of activity that provides a comprehensive and prompt delivery of services to customers on the equipment supplied, as well as the prompt solution of any problems that arise in the process of sheet metal products production.

A new stage in the history of the ARKADA brand began in 2016 after the company's staff merged as the ARKADA-MB LLC into the Russian-Chinese Heavy Machinery Building Corporation "Multi-Best".

Russian consumers of reliable metalworking equipment are expected to experience a synergistic effect from this unification, both in quality improvement and in economic efficiency.
Russian savvy;
Soviet reliability;
Chinas industrial power.

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