Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Being the large employer and the tax bearer of Smolensk and the Smolensk region, company «Arkada-MB» pays much attention to construction of social responsibility. We understand that growth of a society and company growth are interconnected. Therefore we pay much attention not only to care of employees, but also interaction with the society. Responsibility to workers and the society underlies company «Arkada-MB» social policy.



The main value of our company is people. «Arkada-MB» offers the employees possibility of professional growth, a stable salary, good working conditions. The system of motivation of the personnel assumes monthly charge of the award to each employee. The rate of the award is closely connected with overall performance of the employee, department and all company as a whole. The system of charge of a salary accepted in the company stimulates to achievement of good results. Now more than 300 people work in the company. Means for increase of the professional level of the team are allocated. Once a year employees have the possibility of passage of training courses at the expense of the company. For strengthening of health of the staff different social programs are supported by the company such as medical services, gyms and pools are rendered, leisure and rest of employees are organized. Those who live far from the work place, the company provides with corporate motor transport.



«Arkada-MB» observes laws and norms of public life. As a manufacturer, we offer our clients safe and reliable production, we establish fair prices. As the participant of social development, our company stimulates and supports innovations and recognizes responsibility for influence on quality of the life of associates. «Arkada-MB» doesn't remain away from social problems of the Smolensk region. The help of the company is directed on support of education, junior sport, culture, public health services and other spheres of public life.

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