ARKADA Brand's history

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ARKADA Brand's history, leading company in the production of forging and pressing equipment for the production of steel bent profiles, purlins and fasteners, machines for slitting and cross cutting of rolled steel products in the Russian Federation.





  • New development of a production line for profiles, shapes, purlins with a thickness of metal up to 6.0 mm.
  • New projects of metal slitting units with special requirements have been implemented.
  • Improved and modified set of roll forming equipment for the manufacture of parts of the dust-cleaning system of thermal stations.
  • A line of roll forming equipment for the production of facade panels of various types and materials used has been developed and introduced.
  • Successfully passed the recertification of the company's management for compliance with the European standard ISO 9001: 2008, conducted by the Austrian certification bodies IQNet and Quality Austria.


  • Production technology is developed and equipment for manufacturing of door surfaces and frame parts of metal doors is applied.
  • Lightweight steel constructions market development is in progress.
  • The designing of a whole row of new «heavy» automatic lines of cold roll forming for metal thickness up to 8 mm is started.


  • Two automatic lines of cold roll forming for manufacturing of compound details of ventilation systems are designed and applied.
  • For one of the leading companies in the field of packaging equipment and materials a unique complex of length cutting of rolled metal is designed and realized.
  • The rotary machines and high speed metal punching devices for different hole sizes, designed by the company, has become widely used.


  • 16 automatic lines for industrial production of the products applied in sphere of agriculture are designed and sold.
  • 28 projects of houses of individual housing construction, and also projects of houses under the program of «Maintenance with habitation of Veterans of the Second World War» are developed.
  • For the period 2009-2010 70 000 sq.m of habitation were realized.
  • In April 2010 the vice-premier D.N.Kozak visited the company and has stated a positive estimation of its activity.


  • «Arkada-MB» has finished technological process of manufacture of buildings-constructions.
  • Manufacture process by a principle of panel housing construction on the basis of Lightweight steel constructions is developed that allows to reduce terms of building of habitation «on a turn-key basis» till 30 calendar days.
  • A series of individual apartment houses on the basis of panel housing construction is developed.
  • 6 automatic transfer lines for manufacture of designs for low building are made and realized in cities St.-Petersburg, Tver, Cherepovets, Minsk.


  • With active support of Fund for promotion small science and technology companies the enterprise for manufacturing of Light weight steel framing (Lightweight steel constructions) for low building of the settlement of Kardymovo of the Smolensk region, «Arsenal СТ», Ltd. was started.
  • Capacities of habitation of 200 000 sq.m. a year.
  • 100 workplaces are created in addition.
  • Lightweight steel constructions technology commercially allows to lower the cost price at low building of individual habitation to the regional quotations established by the Government of the Russian Federation and to raise speed of erection of habitation «on a turn-key basis» concerning existing traditional methods at 8-10 times.


  • The manufacturing techniques of easy steel thin-walled designs for building branch are developed and mastered, including projects on a complete set and the organization of factories on release lightweight steel constructions by capacity of 200 000 m. sq. a year are prepared.
  • The basic works on development of manufacturing techniques and application of a permanent form are finished.
  • The project on working out of flexible automatic lines of profiling of new generation is started.
  • Positive results in the course of development of the «know-how» of the waffle-type stretched profiles are received.
  • The lineup of correctly-submitting cars is designed and made
  • New high-efficiency lines on the basis of typical models are made.


  • The certificate of compliance CE confirming faultless quality of assemblage and high degree of safety of the made equipment is obtained.
  • Moving of the company to a new office.
  • The equipment complex on manufacture of fast erection buildings on the basis of a thermoprofile is developed.


  • The company «Arkada-MB» becomes the official partner of French company DIMECO group in Russia and the CIS countries.
  • The representation in Shanghai is opened.
  • The decree of the president of the Russian Federation to the general director of «Arkada» appropriates an honorary title «the Deserved machine engineer of the Russian Federation» for merits in the field of mechanical engineering and long-term honest work.


  • Enterprise Management is recognized by corresponding to the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The certificate of the international network of certification IQNet is received.
  • The industrial complex of the company becomes the winner of competition «the Best service metal centre of Russia».


  • The patent for the invention on-off rotary uncoiler is taken out.
  • 10 employees of the enterprise became winners of the award of the government of the Russian Federation for creation and introduction in modern building of the automated technological complexes of processing of sheet metal.


  • The general director of the company Islamov A. G becomes the winner of competition «Manager of year».
  • The license from management of FSB of Russia across the Smolensk region on performance of Military Industrial complex orders of Russia is received.
  • The diploma of the winner is received following the results of the program of «100 best goods of Russia».


  • The equipment is developed for manufacture of universal assembly system for ventilated facades.
  • The introduction into the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen.


  • Participation in the international exhibitions, carrying out of seminars with support of РАМТ.
  • The introduction into the Centre of business cooperation into building at GOSSTROY of the Russian Federation.


  • the equipment on manufacture of systems of a false ceiling is developed and made.


  • Floor spaces are expanded to 38 000 sq. m.


  • Offices in cities Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Magnitogorsk are opened.
  • Things are made:
    • The automatic transfer line longitudinal and cross-section are sharp rolled metal;
    • The automatic transfer line for manufacture of the punched corner;
    • The automatic transfer line for manufacture of a reinforcing profile.


  • The design and technology office is created.
  • The first automatic transfer line for manufacture of a building profile is made.


  • The company «Arkada» is formed.
  • Manufacture of hothouses («Rainbow») is adjusted.

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